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Winnipeg thrift shops…it’s only 99 cents!

A song creates a hilarious movement where young people pop tags at thrift stores looking for amusing fashions to pose in for Instagram. There is however some serious second hand shopping in Winnipeg.

Drive eastward to Thunder Bay worth the trip

Drive eastward to Thunder Bay worth the trip

How many of us have made the trek east, to our neighbor past Kenora. We don’t hear a lot about our neighbor to the east, we are more obsessed with making fun of the provincial cousin to the West.

Lennard Taylor Fashion Show unveils stunning clothes

Lennard Taylor Fashion Show unveils stunning clothes

The denim jean genius has moved to leather for his fall collection. The fashion show at his 89 Princess space had stunning, custom made male and female clothes.

Jump Rope

Block party brings joy to neighbourhood

Home Street’s Block Party in Winnipeg’s West End brings residents together to share an afternoon of fun and to build a stronger neighbourhood.

50th Anniversary of the Scandinavian Cultural Centre

50th Anniversary of the Scandinavian Cultural Centre

The Scandinavian Cultural Centre celebrates their 50th anniversary.

Saturday, Winnipeg Folk Fest 2012

Music I Saw: Dry Bones, Mary Gauthier, Fretless, Kim Churchill, Beth Orton, Royal Wood, Chic Gamine, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Steep Canyon Raiders, Steel Drivers, Junior Brown, Sarah And Christian Dugas, Yves Lambert Trio, De Temps Antan, Elliot Brood, Todd Snider, Dustin Bentall and I had no idea what I would miss when I jumped on […]

Typical Winnipeg audience, reading the Free Press at a concert

July 6. 12:00pm. Mary Gauthier. Little Stage On The Prairie

It’s Mary Gauthier! Not all the excitement that I thought because she was on the Little Stage at 12:00 in the afternoon at the 39th annual Winnipeg Folk Festival.  She could have taken it as belittling but she rolled with it and even broke it down.  She said. “I’m happy to be anywhere, the sense […]

French Grove

2:45pm. July 6. The Pardon My French Workshop

The set kind of went from the most traditional, a mixture of traditional and contemporary to most contemporary. It was lovely because I hadn’t found a seat at 12:45 p.m. in the Shady Grove but unexpectedly came back to the stage and there were so few people in it.  I had sun in my face […]

The Front

The Future Of Times Changed

Businesses change but the idea is the successful part of the business Times Changed has created a scene.  People love the bands that John Scoles brings in from out of town.  The venue provides a place for local bands to get a gig, release an album and sell out a venue.  It’s become the go-to […]

Crowded Square

June 16: Royal Canoe. Alfa. Liptonians

It was mid afternoon on a weekend in June, and there were people forming in Old Market Square; there had already been three bands on.  The street party was underway, the food smells abounded, the beer tent was well populated, the merch tent was not.  I had heard most of the songs before and was […]