Artist finds her creativity with exquisite paper making

Milli Flaig-Hooper making paper.

Milli Flaig-Hooper is a very accomplished paper maker, who operates her own business called “The Paper Fifrildi”(the Old Norse word for Butterfly). As a graduate of Gimli High School, Milli discovered her interest in papermaking during the fall of 2007 when she began experimenting with a papermaking kit.

The recycled paper reflects her creativity and each final sheet of paper is unique. All the paper used is in its original color with hardly any waste; nothing else is added, except for the occasional embellishment. Her interest and ability have grown to produce some very interesting pieces including cards, pictures for framing, earrings and fridge magnets.

The flexibility of  ‘In the Company of Friends’ independent living option, has allowed Milli to pursue her entrepreneurial endeavor and be supported in a way that makes the most sense to her and her network, ensuring that she has support where she needs it, but is free to express her own creativity her way.

Milli sold her first piece in 2008 at the Artists First Show in Ottawa. She received 3rd place in the experimental category at the Interlake Juried Art Show in 2011. She participates in the Wave Tour (Interlake Artist’s Studio tour) twice a year as well as many arts and craft sales, and sells her cards at McNally Robinson’s Grant park location.

Milli is a member of the Manitoba Crafts Council, the Winnipeg Beach Arts & Culture Co-Operative  and the International Association of Hand Papermakers & Paper Artists (IAPMA).  She also recently became a member of Arts & Disability Network Manitoba. There have been articles written about her in the Interlake Spectator, the Enterprise News, and in other publications. One of her pieces will be on display at the Winnipeg Art Gallery starting March 22, 2013 as part of their “Thaw” exhibition.

Milli helps bring awareness of ‘In the Company of Friends’ to the greater community by partnering with LIFE, the organization that provides resources to her and her network, allowing LIFE to promote her products at various farmer’s markets and craft sales. That presence at events raises awareness of  ‘In the Company of Friends’ as a model, but more  importantly, shares the gifts and talents that people with disabilities have to offer.

Besides papermaking, Milli also enjoys sports, music, game shows, knitting, yoga, and a fine glass of white wine. She was the poster representative for the Manitoba Marathon in 2012 which raises funds for people with intellectual disabilities.

Milli has been able to show many people over the years that having an extra chromosome (Down syndrome) and autism should not limit your abilities!

Lynda Dobbin-Turner


Lynda lives and writes from Lavenham, Manitoba which is a scenic little secret in the heart of Central Manitoba. Along with her work advocating and supporting persons with disabilities, she loves pursuing her passions of writing, photography, travel and creating music. Lynda is also a life coach, who operates her 'Truly You Lavenham Retreat' with her husband Cecil.