Bring your ideas to make Sherbrook Pool all it can be

Newspaper clipping from June 10 1930.

Sherbrook pool was built as a relief project during the great depression and opened as a public bath in 1931.

It holds a lot of memories for many people.

Some community members have fond reminisces of being in the Sherbrook Sharks swim club.

Others remember taking their toddlers to the free swims years ago. The Friends Of Sherbrook Pool (FOSP) want to see it reflect the needs and dreams of the community.

April 29, 1939: images from Sherbrook Pool.

Are there programs you’ve always wanted to see offered at the pool?

They don’t rent out swimsuits anymore like they used to in the 1930’s but there are going to be computers in the lobby. Times have changed.

At yesterday’s Idea Jam led by programmers from the Friends of Sherbrook Pool and Spence Neighbourhood House, participants  came up with novel ideas to use each part of the newly re-opened Sherbrook Pool. There was no such thing as a dumb idea.

Why not …

  • Little Free Library in the lobby.
  • The Winnipeg Public Library’s book mobile making regular stops in the Hydro parking lot next door.
  • The party room being used as a Seniors Resource Centre with the coffee always on.
  • Movies being shown in the parking lot.

Sep. 28, 1945 Tribune clipping.

There’s another Idea Jam tomorrow, Sat. Mar. 18, at the West End Cultural Centre from 1 – 3 p.m. Why not float your ideas?

Maybe you think the pool should better serve the homeless population with free shower and shave times. Maybe you think programs for kids are important and yes they are trying to restart the Sherbrook Sharks.

The Idea Jam is a fun process involving large sheets of paper, plenty of markers, coffee and snacks.

All ideas will be looked at by a committee made up of the FOSP and city officials, as part of the collaborative planning process.

Friends of Sherbrook Pool would like the facility to be more than just a pool. They’d like to see it become a true community hub and they’d love to have your input tomorrow.

Kinsmen Sherbrook Pool is looking good after undergoing extensive renovations. /MATT DUBOFF


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