Exciting CFL product needs better scheduling

Some free advice today for Randy Ambrosie who is hitting the ground running as the 14th Commissioner of the Canadian Football League. As the son of the man who could have been the second guy to hold the job, I was tempted to say “Don’t take it Randy, you don’t need it.”

But in fact, the CFL definitely does need a guy like him who knows how to be successful.

They also need to re-visit their whole approach to scheduling and television. We’re only in week 3, and we’ve seen some of the most exciting games in recent memory, including the match at Commonwealth in Edmonton last Friday between the Eskimos and the Montreal Alouettes. It was the second half of a doubleheader, and thanks to my PVR, the greatest invention since indoor plumbing, I was able to watch much of the second half of the Edmonton game the next morning.

I can think of a lot of sleepy ‘marginal’ fans who probably wouldn’t bother.

Question .. If you’re only playing four games each week, why must two of them happen on the same night?

Another question, what would be wrong with scheduling the last game of the week on Monday evening? I know it’s a big night for the No Fun League, but not until the second week of September. Between now and then, the CFL has five more doubleheaders on the schedule, plus a tripleheader on Saturday September 9th.

You have a great product Mr. Commissioner. Why not make sure it has a chance to find the largest possible audience. While you’re at it, maybe think about finding a way to bring back blackouts of home games, unless you really think it’s ‘big league’ for the country to see less than 10,000 watching the Argos at BMO Field.

Major League Soccer is a wonderful game, but there’s no way it should draw more bums in the seats, or eyeballs on the flat screen than the boys who knock themselves out chasing the Grey Cup.

I’m Roger Currie

Roger Currie


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