Fringe fave funny as heck

Paco Erhard.

What is it with this German comedy thing? I was sitting at a table in Old Market Square last night writing this review. Otto and Astrid of Die Roton Punkte were on stage doing their faux-German schtick between songs and they were quite funny even though they’re Australian.

I’d just come from “Paco Erhard; Worst. German. Ever.” at the Planetarium and that was even funnier.

“Erhard” is a fringe favourite, a German stand up comic who bills himself as a political, satirical comedian and he delivers.

Here are a couple of his observations about Fringe fest: “Take ten steps outside the Fringe and you’re in the land of the shambling dead.” and “As soon as I put my posters up they’re torn down by some guy trying to snort the glue off the Scotch Tape.”

Funny, and he did warn us that his jokes were going to be politically incorrect.

The majority of them were an interesting take on the idiosyncrasies of his fellow Germans. I definitely know more about Germany (and Europe) after seeing this show as it somewhat illuminated the psyche of the German people for me.

They say you should never discuss religion and politics but he does, and he’s funny as heck. His jokes went places I couldn’t believe he’d gone but his honesty was refreshing.

He probably won’t be back next year as he has moved to Berlin and will be continuing his career there but you can catch his last show today (Sun. July 30) at 5 p.m. at the Planetarium auditorium.

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