Mock James Bond film brings together local artists and musicians

The many faces of James Bond.

What started off as a music video has become a collaborative film project for Winnipeg artists.

Videographers, jewelry designers, hair and make-up artists, a storyboard artist, up and coming costume/clothing company, an artistic director, and local musicians are collaborating to produce a Bond-themed short, called “Impossible Bond.”

“I am tirelessly in love with making, designing, organizing, and directing the Impossible Bond production; all to ensure this one crazy idea transforms into a fantastic reality,” said Janice LaFlair, Production Designer for the project.

Ed Durocher said things have gotten way bigger than he expected, and he’s really excited about it.

“The video has now become more than just a music video for a band,” he said. “It’s become a vehicle to showcase and highlight some very talented local artists and businesses.”

The video has been in production for the last couple months, and the majority of it is set to be filmed this weekend. About 40 people have volunteered to dress up in edgy vintage costumes for the main shoot, and three will act out the storyline throughout the evening.

“Investing in the public imagination is a powerful tool to connect built space with and for the community,” LaFlair said.

This Friday, Jan. 27, the artists are hosting a fundraiser for the project, called the Krakatoa Klub Fundraiser. The goal is to raise money to support the artists behind the production, many of whom are contributing out of love for the community.

The event runs from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. at The Cavern, 112 Osborne St., with performances by Apollo Suns, Teleharmonium, and Casati.

“Whether in the form of a music video or events like the Krakatoa Klub Fundraiser on Friday, I think we all need to see that everyday reality can be transformed,” LaFlair added.

“Everyone — artists, designers, fans, musicians, — are putting tons of effort into creating this imaginative and elaborate project. We’re hoping to show people in Winnipeg how much heart and creativity lives here.”

For more information, contact Ed Durocher, Creator and Artist at (204) 995-5728 or at


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