Local folk fest attracts out of province fans

Campagne Family organizes an annual music fest at family farm. /PHOTO: Armande Martine

An intimate setting on a remote farm among friends and acquaintances listening to quality artists ply their trade with passion, all with a folk fest feel.  What’s not to like about that, especially for folkies like my spouse and I?

Farm Fest has been occurring in Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan, my home province, for the past ten years.

Campagne Family shed is lit up Friday night for Farm Fest 2017. /PHOTO: Armande Martine

Every fransaskois has heard of the musical “famille” Campagne (formerly Folle Avoine and Hart Rouge), who I met during my teens while still living in the wheat province.

It all started when the fransaskois family and their friends decided to build a deck at the Willow Bunch farmhouse those ten years ago. It was such a great time jamming that the decision to organize a similar get together the following year seemed like a good idea. That idea took off via word of mouth and every year’s attendance has increased from the previous.

Dusk falls as fans gather at Farm Fest 2017. /PHOTO: Armande Martine

Some of the performers in the lineup, keeping the crowd riveted to their lawn chair seats for five straight hours were: Winnipeg band favourites – Red Moon Road, the Arrogant Worms (what a hoot!), Annette Campagne (who won a 2016 Western Canadian Music award), and returning every year is loyal family friend, Heather Bishop.

A special treat were the next generation of Campagnes taking the stage, continuing the tradition of performing quality music, especially Connie Kaldor and Paul Campagne’s sons, Aleksi and Gabriel.

Connie Kaldor and sons, Aleksi and Gabriel Campagne. /PHOTO: Armande Martine

We may be late comers to the party but we plan to make up for that by our attendance at upcoming Farm Fests with friends and family in tow.

Hope to see you at next year’s 11th edition!

Heather Bishop at Farm Fest 2017. /PHOTO: Armande Martine

Armande Martine


Armande Martine is a provincial civil servant and the mother of 3 adult children and married to her same sex partner, Nelle Oosterom since January 2016.

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