Pallister has always disliked Halloween

Not much more than a mile from where I live, on Winnipeg’s Wellington Crescent, there’s a very large elegant mansion that you might think would be a great place for trick or treaters to visit this week. But it’s probably not a good idea.

The man who lives there just happens to be Brian Pallister, the Progressive Conservative Premier of Manitoba. I’ll let you in on something that’s no longer a secret, if it ever was. He absolutely hates Halloween .. always has. Before he was elected to the top job in the province 18 months ago, Brian Pallister actually explained his feelings during a most unusual speech in the legislature no less.

It helps to know that the Premier is 6’8” tall, making it very difficult for him to hide anywhere. He recalled that he was unusually big as a kid and, everybody knew who he was, no matter what kind of disguise he might have been wearing. Halloween was no fun for Brian, and it seems he has never gotten over that.

In that strange rambling speech, which you can probably still find on the internet with a Google search, Pallister went on to say that he didn’t think Halloween was good for the integrity of the kids. He then tried to turn things to a political purpose, saying the NDP, who were still in power in Manitoba then, were somehow trying to change costumes and pretend to be something different.

The Pallister government has been in power in Manitoba for 18 months now. No political party in the history of the province has ever won more seats, or a larger share of the popular vote. But more and more political veterans are suggesting that the result in 2020 will be a lot different.

Hey, maybe the vote could be postponed until October 31st that year.

Just a thought. Happy Halloween everyone, and stay away from the big house on the Crescent.

I’m Roger Currie

Roger Currie


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