In search of Winnipeg’s veggie burgers

Veggie burgers have become more than just simulations of meat burgers, they have very little similarity other than the round shape of the patty. Veggie burgers no longer try to mimic the taste of meat and stand alone as their own type of food. Here is a starting guide to three vegetarian burgers in Winnipeg.



Address: 472 Stradbrook Ave.

Phone: 888-1001

Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM to 10PM / Sun 12PM to 9PM

Burger: Bella

Price: $7.75

Unburger is the newest restaurant and the most expensive burger out of the three choices. The burger is a small portion and is over priced. This patty has been replaced by a portobello mushroom. The texture of the mushroom is very similar to rubber. As well, there was no juxtaposition of texture between the sponge like texture of the mushroom and its toppings. The burger needs something extra to break up the texture. The mushroom patty is paired with  blue cheese, tomatoes, balsamic onions, lettuce and herbed mayo. The balsamic onions are disappointing as they lack texture and taste. They add nothing to the burger. The best part of this burger is the huge helping of blue cheese. The burger is bland but the cheese is pungent and gives the burger flavour.


Stella’s Cafe

Address: 116 Sherbrook St. / 166 Osborne St. / 1895 Grant Ave / 460 Portage Ave

Hours: Sun-Mon 7AM to 11PM

Burger: Garden burger

Price: $9.95 (with side)

Stella’s veggie burger is made with a soy protein and flavored with curry. This burger has a tendency to get soggy due to the softness of the patty.  The patty itself can turn mushy if not eaten right away. Aside from having to eat it fast this veggie burger is delicious and stands apart from the rest due to its toppings. The curried patty is paired with tomato, alfalfa sprouts, peach chutney and cilantro sauce. They were light on the cilantro sauce, which is made fresh in the kitchen, so be aware to ask for more. The crispiness of the alfalfa sprouts gives a great snap against the softness of the patty. Also substituting alfalfa sprouts for lettuce is a great alternative.  The peach chutney adds something unexpected to the burger and sweetens up the taste. To enjoy this burger you must be a fan of curry and a fast eater.


Cousin’s Deli & Lounge

Address: 55 Sherbrook St.

Hours: Sun-Mon 12PM-2AM

Burger: Veggie burger

Price: $4.50

There is a significant price difference between this burger and the other two. This is the cheapest burger and the tastiest.  Cousin’s Deli’s veggie burger far surpasses the other two options. This burger is a double patty and tastes char-grilled with its crispy texture. The patty itself is sweeter and pairs itself nicely with the spicy toppings. The burger is piled high with lettuce,  crunchy pickles and spicy banana peppers. The spice from the peppers mixes well with the sweetness of the patty and the crunchy bite of the pickles. If you’re a meat eater, this burger is the closest you’ll get out of the three to a real burger’s taste and texture. Note to eater: this burger does become a bit messy as the BBQ sauce has a runny consistency.


Additional information:

There are many other restaurants in Winnipeg that offer veggie burgers on the menu, such as The Underground Cafe at 70 Arthur Street, where the Sunburger has been a popular choice for many years. Please tweet @ us and let us know your favourite veggie burger in the city or in the comment section you can upload a picture and a description of your favourite burger.