CFL clips coach’s challenge

Remember the good old days in the Canadian Football League when you went to the stadium to watch a game. Tickets were 4 or 5 dollars, and what you saw on the field was all there was? Instant video replay was invented here in Canada in 1963, and 43 years later the CFL head coaches got to toss a yellow flag on the field, and demand a video review to see if the officials got it right.

This year, things got a bit out of hand, and the new CFL Commissioner, Randy Ambrosie, had to step in to speed things up a bit. Now the coach only gets to throw the flag once, and even if his challenge is successful, he doesn’t get to do it again.

One of the problems with the video challenge is the thousands in the ball park who get to watch the play over and over on a giant screen, and offer their own noisy opinion. I still say that in a substantial majority of cases, the video review has proven that the guys in the striped shirts get it right most of the time.

No one is perfect. I guess we’ll never be able to turn back the clock, but it sure would be nice if the whistle tooters got a bit more respect.

Hey, with a third of the season now in the bin, has it not been a fabulous year for three down football? The western teams continue to dominate, and Kent Austin’s Hamilton Ti-Cats were hugely humiliated when the Calgary Stampeder machine walked all over them by a score of 60-1.

Other than that, Yogi Berra’s words were never more true – “It ain’t over till it’s over”.

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Roger Currie


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