‘Summer of Love’ an engaging story about feminism, men, love and sexuality

Austin, Texas’ “Queen of Weird” Aralyn Hughes has a lot to say about her past and present.

This powerful woman is not only a feminist, but also a great storyteller. Without the use of props, she commanded the attention of everyone in the room as she told the story of three phases of her life.

Aralyn tells her stories in a very colourful way.

Aralyn tells her stories in a very colourful way. /DOUG KRETCHMER

Funny, deep, and intriguing, Ms. Hughes shared stories of her life growing up in Oklahoma; visiting Tijuana, Disneyland, and the Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco while still in her teens; and settling in Austin, Texas.

In 1965, the Beatles sold out Shea Stadium in 17 minutes and America sent the first troops to Vietnam. It was also the year that Aralyn first visited San Francisco. There, she encountered the newly emerging hippie culture, peace, and love. She found it interesting that people were sharing “cigarettes” and passing them around.

She also visited Disneyland that year with her family. After landing a job there, her family agreed to let her stay for a while on the condition that she return home at the end of the season for college. Walt Disney himself said to her, “You are the all-American girl.”

Back in college, she was elected school President. She got married for a while but eventually went back to Haight-Ashbury where the vibe had changed: VD and ODs were rampant and friends were returning home from Vietnam in body bags.

Aralyn revealed deep secrets from her past as well as her recent ventures to a clothing-only polyamory camp where “the hippies have less hair and are sober.”

Aralyn has seen and done a lot in her life. 45 years later, her stories are very engaging and entertaining. She’s written a book and was featured in a documentary, “Love in the Sixties”. Both are available at her shows.

This very independent and strong woman has always followed her own path. Not long ago she even purchased her tombstone with the inscription “She never ran out of things to say, she just ran out of time.”

A mother and daughter who really enjoyed the show chat with Aralyn after her show.

A mother and daughter who really enjoyed the show chat with Aralyn after her show.

Aralyn talked with people after the show, where she sold and signed copies of her book, “Kid Me Not”, and DVD.

Sometimes it’s not easy to listen to someone’s story for 15 minutes, but the 75 minutes that Aralyn shared her stories with the audience were anything but boring.

Venue 11 – Red River College – Roblin Centre (160 Princess St., CGA Manitoba Room – Entrance on William Ave.)

Aralyn Hughes - Queen of Weird

Aralyn Hughes – Queen of Weird.


  • Tue. July 19 at 3:30pm
  • Wed. July 20 at 8:30pm
  • Fri. July 22 at 1:45pm
  • Sat. July 23 at 6:45pm

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Doug Kretchmer


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One response to “‘Summer of Love’ an engaging story about feminism, men, love and sexuality”

  1. Mary-Ellen Campbell

    Aralyn’s show brings back not only memories of the fun times of the 60’s but of the serious issues, she took a stand on. Issues still relevant today. Go see her show and let her take you on a wild ride.