Weaving a web of harmonies

Swedish acapella group Kongero.

Swedish acapella group Kongero gave an outstanding performing in concert at Westworth United church on Grosvenor Avenue on Wed Oct 18.

Kongero is an all-female quartet that label themselves as a Folk’apella group as they offer an all-embracing Scandinavian folk music experience.

These four beautiful young ladies have just released their fourth album called Kom and are following it up with an extensive tour of Europe, Barbados, the US and Canada.

All four of the girls, Lotta, Anna, Lovisa and Emma are graduates of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and first got together 12 years ago after meeting at a Nordic folk music conference and discovering the beauty and harmony of their combined voices.

Today they are one of Sweden’s leading vocal groups.

Their first album Om Mikaelidagen was released in 2008 just prior to Sweden’s first international acapella festival.

Since then they’ve followed it up with Bakvända världen in 2011, and No. 3 in 2014, all on the Dimma Sweden label.

Several of these recordings having been featured in various movie soundtracks and evoke the style you may hear on Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings.

Swedish acapella group Kongero.

The name Kongero means spider in a northern Swedish dialect. Chosen perhaps as therapy for one member with an inherent fear of the insect, but also to represent that they are one body that’s weaving a web of harmonies.

Their music covers medieval ballads and love songs all sung in a perfect tight harmony. It bridges a gap between traditional Scandinavian music and a more modern genre. As well as old established tunes the band also sings a lot of original compositions with wonderful arrangements of rhythm and harmony.

Their sound is unique or as the girls say “Four voices, one vision, infinite possibilities.”

In addition to performing they also teach and conduct workshops in traditional Swedish music with emphasis on two to four part vocal harmony. Giving tips on how to arrange vocal music in simple and efficient ways and techniques for learning folk music in other languages.

They offer an exciting blend of a rich tone, rhythmic vitality and powerful harmonies. It was a delightful evening at Westworth United.

The church is renowned for its excellent music program. It’s an integral part of the church which not only host concerts of touring musicians but also supports both an adult and a children’s choir as well as a wind band.

Trevor Smith


Trevor Smith is an engineering technologist at the University of Manitoba and a local community journalist in Winnipeg MB.

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