Wellness through art: Willow Wolfe

Based in her hometown of Winnipeg, Willow Wolfe is an international award-winning artist, educator, and active community member with a passion for promoting the benefits of artistic expression in terms of physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Winnipeg artist Willow Wolfe

Winnipeg artist Willow Wolfe.

Wolfe is known in the art and hobby industry across North America for her approach to art education. An instructor of thousands of students per year, she appears internationally in various trade shows, lectures, and seminars each year.

Wolfe has published a small library of books and painting kits, as well as articles in prominent industry magazines. She also designs brushes and develops marketing campaigns for Princeton Artist Brush Co., one of the largest art brush suppliers in North America.

Some of Wolfe’s current ventures include nature-inspired classes at Assiniboine Park, and a series of art seminars that promote emotional balance by focusing on skill-building techniques through a fun, relaxed approach.

Winnipeg artist and teacher Willow Wolfe classes at Assiniboine Park

Winnipeg artist and teacher Willow Wolfe classes at Assiniboine Park.

Wolfe also takes her passion for teaching art to the I Am Festival in rural Manitoba, just west of Teulon, from Aug.18 – 20.

The festival is a “weekend of transformational experiences”, with a focus on healing and growth of mind, body, and spirit.

The festival is an opportunity to connect with nature, and foster community through art, music, yoga, and various workshops and experiences.

Actively engaged in the Winnipeg community, Wolfe is a business mentor for Futurpreneur Canada, providing advice and support to young local entrepreneurs.

She is also a regular volunteer artist in Siloam Mission’s art program, which offers a place for the less fortunate to engage in the powerful therapeutic process of artistic expression.

Through her art and teaching, Wolfe aims to inspire creativity and wellness within the community.

Willow Wolfe art classes at I Am Festival in rural Manitoba

“Creative expression through painting has a positive effect on overall well-being, and it’s truly rewarding to support and inspire others to achieve those effects through painting,” says Wolfe. “There is a sense of empowerment in creative growth, and as an artist I appreciate how therapeutic and motivating it can be – it carries over into all aspects of life.”

Painting by Winnipeg artist Willow Wolfe

Painting by Winnipeg artist Willow Wolfe.


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