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One response to “Barbara Pearce’s legacy supports the arts”

  1. Doug Kretchmer

    Nice article. Ms. Pearce gave her students a very powerful gift that will live on forever. Never underestimate the power of music. To quote the late Alex Harvey: “A Fender Telecaster is a much better invention than an AK-47. You know an AK-47….. A Fender Telecaster is a much better invention… and not only that, a Fender Telecaster has got much more penetration…. that’ll kill ‘em. It’s got better communication. You see… the trouble with an AK-47 is that they are dead. If you’ve got a Fender Telecaster, uh, like if you’ve got a Telecaster and you play Peggy Sue like Buddy Holly does…. ding da ling da ling da ling da ling…. how many people ya gonna get with that… and they’re gonna live.. and that’s gonna live forever.”

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