Finding balance as a businessman

Just ask any business owner; there’s no doubt running your own business takes a lot of your time, focus and energy. When you go home at the end of the day, you don’t leave your work in the office; it’s always there.

So how do you find balance between life, work and family?

If you ask local business owner Danny Kleinsasser, sometimes it means taking a step back, and making small sacrifices to focus on the things that are truly close to your heart.

“The most challenging thing for me in the last year was learning how to balance,” said Kleinsasser. “You see I am a family guy, but this life gets busy too.”

For Kleinsasser, business has really been taking off in recent years, making him practically a household name in Manitoba.

In addition to running his business, Kleinsasser is a husband and loving father and also an avid outdoorsman who is extremely active in the Manitoba hunting and fishing community.

While hunting and fishing is his passion, he says he decided to step back to focus on what he truly loves in life: family.

For Kleinsasser, fishing and the outdoors has now become a family affair. He and his oldest son fish tournaments together occasionally, and recently he took all the kids to the cabin and fished in a family fishing derby at Lake Manitoba Narrows.

Kleinsasser says now is the time to focus on family, as his kids are growing into successful young adults.

Danny Kleinsasser and his family.

His oldest son is graduating high school with top marks, and will be heading into civil engineering at the University of Manitoba in the fall. His oldest daughters are also succeeding well in school. Kleinsasser wants to make sure he is there for his children’s achievements.

“My family comes first, my children come first,” he added. “(My kids) changed my life because now my priorities are different. My children are the most important part of my life, so I have decided to focus my time and efforts on them. I have to look at investing in my kids so they can build memories for the future.”


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