Art projection focuses on environmental illnesses

Artist Marie LeBlanc will be projecting quotes from people impacted with various environmental illnesses.

WHO says we need fresh air?! art projection will be one of the featured works at this weekend’s Nuit Blanche Winnipeg, and will represent my participation in Culture Days 2017.

The projections, previously displayed in downtown Winnipeg at the Centennial Concert Hall, the Cube stage at Old Market Square, the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball game and elsewhere, will be projected this time at The Forks on Sept. 30, 2017, from 8:30 p.m. to midnight in the Oodena Celebration Circle.

Old Market Square was one of several locations where LeBlanc projected the quotes.

The projections are part of my series of quotes from individuals in our community suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, mold exposure, lyme disease and other adverse health reactions to environmental conditions. You will read and feel the heart wrenching cries of these men and women as they plea for help.

The quotes take on a larger than life appearance when projected onto buildings at night.

For more information, check out my event invite page here: WHO says we need fresh air?! Nuit Blanche Winnipeg or the Nuit Blanche link for the event:

For the first time, I plan on live streaming a portion of the event, in hopes it will display on my event page. I also plan on travelling to various cities and towns across Canada in 2018 in order to project these quotes far and wide.

I thank my multiple chemical sensitivity friends who shared their struggles. Here is a small sample of some of those quotes:


Marie is an artist, poet, photographer, with a background in alternative health and Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography and Sociology (Advanced Major). She advocates and has been active in many committees to create awareness for people with various disabilities. She was awarded the Mental Health Volunteer Hero of the year in 2012 and has helped coordinate mental health walks. Marie believes creative expression through art and entertainment is healing for your body,mind and soul. She is extremely inventive, creative and resourceful.Other Interests include the environment, culture and just about anything due to her curious nature. She enjoys and has learned a lot through her experience writing and taking pictures for the community news commons.

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