Creating harmony through artistic expression


Creative Foundation Inc. (CFI) annual conference and workshop.

Imagine the noisy, playful, exciting, yet engaging and productive scene at Creative Foundation Inc. (CFI) annual conference and workshop.

This workshop was recently held in the spacious hall of Canad Inns, Fort Garry, Winnipeg, where youth from different schools, cultures and ethnicity assembled in companionship – for a common goal: to create, explore and discover how to use visual art, dance, performance and theatre to hone requisite skills to build a harmonious and understanding society.

The laughter, joy and teamwork from the creative brainstorming unified these young leaders of the future. Perhaps they may not yet realize the full potential of their enriching experiences, but these young budding talents are going to change the world positively.

With the guidance of established professionals, they learned they could share and use their creativity to promote empathy, celebrate diversity and nourish cultural harmony.


Yisa Akinbolaji of Creative Foundation Inc.

Who is the dreamer, innovator and brain behind the Creative Foundation Inc.? Meet Yisa Akinbolaji, an interdisciplinary artist, advocate and humanitarian extraordinaire, originally from Nigeria.

At the core of this multifaceted man is a vision of an open, accepting and peaceful universe meant for all. He is a builder of bridges, with a deep compassion and understanding for humanity. As a humanitarian and visionary, Akinbolaji sees deeper into the world of potentials and positive possibilities.

In 1994, while in Nigeria, Akinbolaji nourished the establishment of Creative Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting the appreciation and value of art.

Already a well-known and respected artist in his country of birth, Akinbolaji was in 1993 included in Nigerian Artists: A Who’s Who and Bibliography for the publication of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, Washington DC.

In addition to many public art exhibitions, he taught Fine Arts at the Lagos State Model College, Badore. Some of the beneficiaries of his tutelage are today making significant artistic contributions globally.

After immigrating to Canada in 1997, Akinbolaji re-initiated the CFI concept in Winnipeg. The non-profit organization has flourished with the dedication of community leaders, board members, professional artists and volunteers.

With Dr. Sunday Akin Olukoju, CFI president, who is a respected community leader, Creative Foundation is making impressive advancement. Increasingly, the profile of Creative Foundation is strengthening and rising in Winnipeg.

This non-profit organization is a beacon of hope for aspiring creative youth who are born in or new to Canada.

Yisa with guest presenters

Yisa Akinbolaji (centre) with guest presenters at recent CFI annual conference.

Akinbolaji carries within him the spirit behind CFI’s mission. He gratefully remembers being new to Canada and being accepted in his adopted country.

Ultimately, it is his hope youth participating in the Creative Foundation program will benefit from a life of new hopes, new dreams and new possibilities in a world that values diversity and cultural harmony.

With increasing diversity in society, the time is now to contribute to the greatness of our youth for a better tomorrow.CFI

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