Increased UFO sightings discussed at Dream Big event

Astronomer and UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski presented the facts on UFOs.

For those seeking answers from the universe, they left with answers … and many more questions.

Astronomer, science writer and UFO researcher, Chris Rutkowski, delivered an engaging talk on UFOs and alien abductions, as part of the Dream Big event being held this week (Mar. 10 – 13) at the University of Manitoba.

As co-author of the annual Canadian UFO Survey that collects and explains all reported UFO sightings in Canada, Rutkowski released his world renowned survey’s most recent data, showing more UFO sightings were recorded in the past two years than ever before in Canada.

Using humour and science, and wearing his signature Marvin the Martian necktie, Rutkowski delivered an inspiring presentation to an audience of about 100 people. He spoke with energy and enthusiasm as he described the different kinds of UFO sightings there are in Canada every day of every year.

The audience was entertained and engaged by Rutkowski’s presentation.

He cautioned people to question what they see in the sky, what they hear from others, and to check if there were any other activities happening at the time of a sighting in order to rule out any other possibilities. Once they are ruled out, he said, then seek out the proper authorities for further investigation.

Rutkowski would be one of those authorities. According to his survey, there are an average of three UFO sightings daily in Canada, with the city of Toronto and the province of British Columbia having the highest reports. There tends to be more sightings in areas where there is a higher population.

The Canadian UFO Survey that Rutkowski released for 2012 reported the most number of UFO sightings ever recorded. This may have something to do with the hoopla surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar, as one could imagine more people looking at the sky.

The most recent 2013 survey was the next highest year in history for UFO sightings.

Rutkowski reported that 10% of the population see UFOs, while 40% of the population believes the government is covering up information about these phenomenon.

Unlike some UFO researchers who are less critical, Rutkowski uses scientific analysis and his knowledge of astronomy to explain sightings of unidentified objects, or to debunk the number of hoaxes that pop up now and then.

While about 90% of UFO sightings can be attributed to things like balloons, aircraft, celestial events, etc., about 10% have much less definitive explanations, with about half of those (5%) remaining a complete mystery, leaving one to ponder, ‘If it wasn’t a UFO or spacecraft of some sort, then what was it?’

People attending the lecture had many questions for Rutkowski who proved to be an incredible wealth of information, captivating his audience at every turn. The discussion could have carried on all day.

Dream Big has been a popular draw this week at the U of M, with many exciting events being offered, including lectures, presentations, movies, art shows and much more. World famous astrophysicist, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, speaks on Thursday evening.

There’s plenty to see at the UofM this week during Dream Big event, like this art exhibit.

All photos by Marie LeBlanc


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