Learning how to make access-to-info requests

Are you interested in knowing how to obtain secret (and not-so-secret) documents?

From the federal sponsorship scandal to stories about the state of Winnipeg’s streets, some of the most compelling news comes from access-to-information requests.  However, the process can be daunting, especially if one is not familiar with it.

Community News Commons citizen reporters will have the opportunity to get a crash course in what documents might exist, what one is entitled to get, and the mechanics of filing a request.  We’ll also look at ways to avoid the Freedom of Information (FOI) fuss, including a dozen cool websites filled with possible stories.

Winnipeg Free Press reporters Mary Agnes Welch and Dan Lett will walk us through the process of getting to some of the most interesting stories that are out there.

This free course will be offered on Monday, August 20, 2012, at 6:00 pm at the Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe, 237 McDermot Avenue.

If you are planning to attend, please send an email to me at nerenberg@cncwpg.org

Looking forward to seeing you there and to what might happen when a number of citizen journalists equip themselves with this kind of knowledge.

Noah Erenberg


Community News Commons Convener and veteran network television documentary writer, director and producer. Media studies instructor, trainer and consultant.