Youth, environment – focus for young philanthropists

L to R: Khryztyne Cacho, Hailey Labelle, Sarah Schroeder, Mme Linnick, Audrey Manalili, Mme Wiens, Sydel Leppan, Tommy Bernabe.

This year our Youth in Philanthropy group at Garden City Collegiate decided to focus on two themes: youth, and the environment.

The charities we visited were: Spence Neighbourhood Association, Green Action Centre, Broadway Neighbourhood Centre, and Green Kids.

Our group this year was small, but all of our members were extremely dedicated to the cause.

The first visit was to Spence Neighbourhood Association, a charity that has many programs to offer to those in the neighbourhood, and to youth in particular.

As we entered the building, we were stunned by the beautiful mosaic that greeted us. It was created by an artist who took inspiration from the community and added brightness to the area.

The next charity we visited was Green Action Centre. They share an office with several other environment-focused non-profit groups. We discovered how much work goes into planning a safe school zone for students to walk to.

During our visit to Broadway Neighbourhood Centre, we learned about their film/broadcast, sports and after-school programs. We were most surprised to hear about their lunch program that helps kids learn proper cooking and nutrition. We were impressed by the fact they brought in real nutritionists to teach the kids”.

Finally, we met with a representative from Green Kids, an organization that helps kids become more involved with the outdoors and environmental issues.

Through our site visits, we learned there are many environmental issues impacting our city, but through small actions we can make a difference.

We saw great potential in the charities we visited for making our city green and safe for children and youth. It feels really good to know we have made an important contribution to bettering our community through our charitable donations to these organizations and by gaining awareness of their importance.

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