Hospital art exhibit a source of restorative power

IMG_1804Rejuvenation is to me the process versus the outcome (of being ‘rejuvenated’).

It is restorative – a rebuilding, an energizing, finding hope, baby steps, emotional and physical resonance. Resonance being a powerful act – an echo – brief or indefinite.

Rejuvenation is what I gain by volunteering at the Buhler Gallery in St. Boniface Hospital. Volunteering is therapeutic in coping with illness by surrounding myself with something I love, art.

The Rejuvenation exhibition call for artwork entries from staff, physicians, and volunteers was too fitting to forgo submission and I was honoured to have two artworks accepted.



Wings (photo on left) is neither man, dolphin, nor eagle. People often ask “what is it?” It is healing from the inside out; through communication, intelligence, patience, and understanding. Looking beyond the recognizable object to search for what it might ‘be about’ can reveal what an artist wants to express, restrain, or hide in a non-verbal way.

Wings is the shedding of layers, dark, bright, smooth, each representative of life; it is wings to escape to a safe place, a place to view things from a different perspective; yet grounded by the bare feet of a man. It resonates, calling me back to explore my feelings while creating it.

Creating work is innate for me and I more often do it without preplanning. At times it is years later that I fully understand what I’ve made; when I look back on that period of time and say “that’s what that was about!” Sometimes the viewer picks up on insights before I do or they may take something completely different away with them, and that’s okay.

My second work in the exhibition, an intaglio print entitled Touch, I leave for you to explore on your own and hopefully to depart with an echo. If not from my work then from one of the other Rejuvenation works on display.

Rejuvenation Exhibition runs from May 4 – mid June at Buhler Gallery St. Boniface Hospital


Michelle Pichette Breault is a Winnipeg mother and artist. Having gone back to university in her 40's she was awarded the University of Manitoba gold medal for highest standing in Studio along with accomplishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2007.