Meditation, anyone?

Just imagine four days without phones, email, meal prep, etc! Imagine instead sitting in silence, spending time outdoors, remembering your dreams and having time to ponder them!

Sound appealing? Want to try it?! What difference might it make in your life?

“I tasted what it’s like to inhabit a moment, a day and how to take that into my daily life,” says Micheline after her first silent meditation retreat.

From March 22nd through the 26th, just such an experience is available to you. Returning to the breath, the silence, the dream is a mainly silent retreat in which retreat leader Dr. Marianne Johnson will offer instruction on meditation, mindfulness and contemplative dreamwork.

Dr. Marianne Johnson

“The retreat will appeal to those who want or need to take some time to step away from the demands of their daily lives and be in silence”, says Dr. Johnson. “It is for those who have never had a meditation practice and to those who have a well-established one.  I, myself, am always returning to the (meditation) practice and to the breath, returning from the outer world to the inner world of silence and dreams”.

“A day of silence?” asks Micheline with a slight air of disbelief. “I recognized that I didn’t like the idea, was afraid and a bit curious,” she admits, “but once I experienced it, I realized I need silence to renew and restore myself to who I really am.”

For more information, please contact conference coordinator Tanis at 204-339-1705 or

Meditation may be in solitude or with others