Winnipeg Transit driver’s amazing act of kindness stuns passengers

Today, as I was riding a Winnipeg Transit bus from Unicity to Downtown I did not realize that I would be a witness to something amazing.

The ride was, as usual, long and uneventful, until we reached the corner of Portage and Main.  That’s when the driver pulled over. This of course surprised all of the passengers on the bus.  But, what happened next still brings tears to my eyes.

The bus driver jumped off the bus to chat with a man that looked to be down on his luck; by all accounts, a homeless man. I first thought the driver was going to offer the man a ride until our driver took off his own shoes and gave them to the man on the sidewalk.

That is when I realized that the man the driver was chatting with was barefoot.  The bus was dead silent.  I think we were all stunned and speechless.  As we proceeded to our next stop, one of the passengers got up and said to the driver, that was the most amazing thing she had ever seen; and then she asked him, why did he do that?

The bus driver answered because he couldn’t stand the thought of that poor man walking without shoes.   Wow!  No judgement; it was just, “Here buddy you need these more than I do.”

There wasn’t a dry eye on the bus. All the passengers were moved by this bold and selfless gesture.

Now, a homeless man will have shoes for his feet because of a bus driver’s random act of kindness.

Not bad for a Tuesday morning in downtown Winnipeg.

Denise Campbell


Accidental Citizen Journalist, Partner Services Administrator at The Winnipeg Foudation and Winnipeg Transit monthly pass holder

8 responses to “Winnipeg Transit driver’s amazing act of kindness stuns passengers”

  1. Murray Levine

    With a bit of luck, the selfless act of the above bus driver is going to result in nice amounts of non perishable food being collected for the less fortunate, not only in Winnipeg, but around the world. I invite everyone who is impressed with what this bus driver did to simply forward the following story to food banks/cities in other provinces and countries. Each of us has the power to make a difference:

  2. sir wapi

    In America, our passengers would have complained and the bus driver would have gotten fired.
    Kudos to Canada.

    1. Heather Degrandpre

      What a stupid thing to say. In America its no different, people are always doing random act of kindness and are just as giving. This whole notion that Canada is somehow better or above Americans is just ignorant.

  3. Murray Levine

    Wonderful story. I wonder how many people in Winnipeg will take the time to send the following to the Mayor of Winnipeg and encourage him to do the simple thing that he was asked to do in the following blog. Please feel free to forward the blog and post on Facebook or Tweet it out. Winnipeg’s mayor was asked 2 months ago to adopt the idea and has yet to respond.

  4. Chris Jordan

    Thank you for sharing this excellent story… I love to hear true accounts of random acts of kindness like this! Reblogging this…

  5. Amy Giesbrecht

    My bus passed by this man this morning, and my heart literally broke for him. He looked so tired and cold but he just kept walking on by all these people that could care less about him. I felt so sad that I could not do anything but watch as my bus passed him by and I wanted so badly to offer him a breakfast or warm beverage. Knowing full well that my shoes would not fit him. I shot up a little prayer that someone would help him. He must have reached Portage and Main within 10 mins after I saw him and heaven sent him an angel thats for sure!

  6. maura stanhope

    This is awesome…play if forward Winnipegers!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. angie cusson

    Incredible story! Now imagine if every person committed a random act of kindness even once a week…. this world would be a different and better place. way to go bus driver… I wish I knew your name… you are a special person and there are not enough people like you out there ?