Americans pine for a leader like Trudeau

The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine has Justin Trudeau on the cover, with the question “Why Can’t He Be Our President?” More than a few Canadians might respond with “Be careful what you wish for”, but the point is well taken.

The bad dream that is Donald J. Trump, the 45th person to hold the most powerful and important job in the United States, if not the world, is getting worse every day. The man is a total embarrassment to himself, to his family and to his country.

This past Monday he made a ridiculous speech to a major jamboree of the Boys Scouts of America, serving up a pile of drivel that was probably recycled from last year’s campaign. What should have been a ten minute good will photo op that might have earned him a few merit badges, or brownie points, turned out to be yet another disgrace. The boys who were in the hall won’t even be voting for a few more years. When they do, you can bet that it won’t be for a Republican at any level.

Two days later, while working his thumbs in the Oval John, the President delivered a surprising slap in the face to trans gendered Americans who are already in uniform, or might have had dreams of serving in the American military. Needless to says Trump didn’t bother to spend much time talking to the Pentagon about it.

During several encounters with Twitter, the President also continued to undermine his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Capable leaders are those who believe in team-building and loyalty. Neither of those qualities can be found at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, unless it might be in the servants quarters.

Even the ‘flies on the wall’ who may be providing the news leaks are now apparently leaving the building. Much as we in the media are eating it up, surely this can’t continue for a full four years!

I’m Roger Currie

Roger Currie


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