“Donating Sperm to My Sister’s Wife” funny, inspiring

Stewart Huff.

For the second day of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, I decided to check out a one-man show by an American comedian named Stewart Huff. His show title, “Donating Sperm to My Sister’s Wife,” certainly caught my eye.

July 20th was Mr. Huff’s first Winnipeg Fringe show of this year, and it was sold out. He was thankful, as he recounted the ways in which his southern American audiences have been known to punch him, throw sandals at him, and in one case, defecate on his car.

Stewart was thankful for Winnipeg audiences who show respect to him, even if they disagree with his opinions.

Being based out of Georgia, USA, the comedian talks about how many people from his area don’t agree with same-sex marriage, never mind his donation of sperm to his sister’s wife (he calls himself an “Uncle Baby Daddy—do you know how hillbilly that is?”). However, as Stewart asserts, “Love might just be the best answer we have.”

My son and I thought that this stand-up show might be all about how Stewart donated sperm, but it wasn’t. He went much deeper. He helped the audience understand what it’s like to be living in the USA these days, and how he takes time to understand different points of views.

Mr. Huff gets into some deep and disturbing subject matter, such as pulling apart and refuting blanket racist statements he hears all too often in his travels.

Stewart asked the audience, “How do you fight hatred and greed?” He went onto explain that is really what his show is about. Stewart talked about what makes a true hero, and how some heroes will forever remain anonymous and unknown to us—we will simply remember them through their acts of kindness.

“The most rebellious act you can do is to care about another person,” the comedian says. Doesn’t sound very funny, does it? In fact, both my son and I were having some great laughs throughout this entire show as Stewart beautifully illustrated how unity, honesty, and intelligence are essential components we need to seek out.

I highly recommend this show to anyone who wants some laughs while also receiving some inspiration on how to contribute to the betterment of society during these troubling times. The show runs in Winnipeg until Sunday, July 30.

Venue #5 – Son of Warehouse

July 22  10:30 p.m.
July 24  10:15 p.m.
July 25  8:45 p.m.
July 27  1:45 p.m.
July 28  7:00 p.m.
July 30  12:15 p.m.

Stewart Huff with CNC reviewer Melanie Ferris.

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Melanie Ferris


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