Leitch disagrees with proposed pot legislation

A little over a month from now, Canada’s Conservatives will be choosing a new federal leader to replace Stephen Harper, at a most interesting time in our country’s political history. Far be it from me to endorse any of the 14 people who are still in the running, but I find myself in surprising agreement with Kellie Leitch.

She is a 46 year old pediatric surgeon who as been lumped in with the likes of Donald Trump on the issue of immigration. Her pronouncements in that area are somewhat disturbing, but it strikes me that Dr. Leitch has got it right when it comes to one of the major issues that helped to elect Justin Trudeau and the Liberals 18 months ago.

She is opposed to legalizing marijuana for recreational use. The doctor argues, with some considerable professional credibility, that cannabis is a dangerous drug that should be controlled by medical prescription. She also suggests that no one should smoke pot under the age of 25, because our brains are still developing before that.

Kellie says if she ever succeeds in becoming Canada’s Prime Minister, she would turn back the clock on Justin’s marijuana laws. I think her chances of winning the Tory leadership are not that strong, and I’m not hearing a groundswell of support for what she’s saying about marijuana.

The cannabis train has a full head of steam and if anything might derail it, we don’t yet know what it is. It’s very unfortunate because there are a long list of issues that should be studied and addressed in much greater detail.

Concerns about driving while stoned and a host of other questions are brushed aside, and the reason seems to have more to do with dollars than anything else. The marijuana entrepreneurs are chomping at the bit for many puffs of the action, and governments both federal and provincial can’t wait to get their hands of those new tax dollars.

Happy Easter everyone.

I’m Roger Currie

Roger Currie


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