Trouble in Trumpland puts America in serious peril

I hope this commentary is not outdated by the time you hear it or read it. I say that because it’s about Donald Trump, and an hour can seem like a lifetime in Washington these days. The whole world is watching and listening.

When Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell expresses the hope for “a little less drama from the White House”, you know that America is in serious trouble, less than four months into the reign of their 45th President.

The nightmare is non-stop, but if you’re involved in something like late night comedy, it’s a dream come true that keeps on giving. Serious questions are now being asked by a very broad range of people, including some Republicans nervous about mid-term elections next year.

“How do we get to impeachment?” they are wondering.

The answer is anything but easy. Ben Franklin and the other guys who wrote the U.S. constitution long before electricity, let alone Twitter, had faith that the folks in the former 13 colonies would do what was right, and not put someone in charge of the country who was .. well, you can fill in the blanks. It has been a hundred years since the United States emerged as a world super power. Without the Americans, it would have been a lot harder, if not impossible for the allies to beat Hitler and the Nazis.

Now in 2017, everyone is wondering just what Trumpland will be able to contribute to solving really horrible problems in places like Syria and south Sudan. And what might happen to thousands of jobs here in Canada, that depend on trade agreements like NAFTA?

Try to stay calm, but don’t wander away too far.

I’m Roger Currie

Roger Currie


Veteran radio journalist, now working primarily as a writer, commentator and freelance voice. My regular commentary "Currie's Corner" is heard on CJNU ( Nostalgia Radio ) at 93.7 FM. Text and audio can be found at I also do a daily newscast on CJNU, at about 7.15 & 8.15, every weekday morning. It's also posted on the CNC homepage.

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