“Waiting For The Parade” offers unique perspective on WWII

Waiting For The Parade
Venue 28 – Dramatic Arts Centre, 585 Ellice Ave. at Sherbrook St.
90 Minutes, Drama

Shoestring Players presents “Waiting For The Parade”.

War as seen through the eyes of women is perhaps the best shot social history has at getting it right. Wait no longer, this play has a unique perspective on WWII and what it was like for those left behind.

Waiting For The Parade is a 90 minute drama set in Calgary during the years leading up to D-Day. We are given a realistic snapshot of the lives of five women by playwright John Murrell. Through dialogue and music we are shown the effects of war on wives and mothers.

Shoestring Players has mounted yet another excellent production worthy of the respect the troupe has earned in Winnipeg for the past 50 years. The vocal talents of the actors, Brenda Born, Jennifer Clow, Laura Harrison, Merri-Lou Paterson and Angela Rajfur graced an award winning script.

Pacing was perfect thanks to Director Maureen Taggart and costuming by Robert Butler was excellent and further enhanced a top notch show.

The Dramatic Arts Centre offers air conditioning, comfy seats, a snack bar and is an appropriate venue in transporting one back in time. /PHOTO: Heather Emberley

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Heather Emberley / Gracie Sweetstory


Heather Emberley is a repurposed school counsellor specializing in the psycho-social infrastructure of experience, an EAL teacher, freelance writer and sidekick of Gracie Sweetstory. They are stewards of a Little Free Library and their favourite word is postantineoconceptualizationalisticism.

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