Winnipeg thrift shops…it’s only 99 cents!

Picture by Instagram user @samcall11

A Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song has created a hilarious movement where young people go popping tags at thrift stores looking for amusing things to be caught dead in and then post the hilarity on Instagram.  See #thriftshop and #furcoat in all its glory.

But some people take it seriously. They are buyers who have been in the thrift game for years and think the trend is quite normal and profitable. There are people in Winnipeg, like the American Pickers and the Salvage Hunter, who make their money in the second hand market. Generally there’s no tax on the items that they resell. And as the market comes back around, sometimes they hit it big.

Here are some of the good used, antique and second hand stores, near or on Portage Avenue.

AAA Consignment, 197 Osborne St. (used to be at 1846 Portage Ave.) They have low prices for consigned goods and it’s a wide variety. They have since moved to Osborne into the previous Village Antique Mall near Confusion Corner.

Avenue Antiques, 1767 Portage Ave. Always has lots of furniture because he is an estate buyer. But the little gorgeous things that he has around are the texture and there is lots of bulk to sift through.

Autumnwood Antique Refinishing, Suite A-424 Kensignton St. Less a thrift store, more a repair shop. They work on lots of chairs and real wood, can refinish anything and they always have lots of projects on the go. But sometimes they offer back door sales where they sell a bunch of pieces to clear room.

Bison Books, 424 Graham Ave. Primarily books but a number of interesting art pieces. The owner has ties to another antique auction house, Dominion Antiques, and sometimes buys great stuff. If you want to sell your books, this is the place. They will even come to your house to appraise your collection if it is too big to bring in.

The Foundre, 1326 Portage Ave. Previously Sled Dog Music. A small store that has an eclectic mix and is a quick browse.

Honorable mentions include, Brian’s Corner (867 Wall St.), Neon Factory (594 Main St.) best website too, and all of the MCC and Goodwill Stores.

David Johnson


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