Eye opening experience for young philanthropists

Youth in Philanthropy Committee at Murdoch MacKay Collegiate.

Earlier this year, a portion of our Youth in Philanthropy (YiP) committee at Murdoch MacKay Collegiate divided into two groups and collectively visited eight different organizations across Winnipeg.

We learned many things about dedicated organizations looking to make the city a better place for citizens in need from various demographics.

Our first destination was Good Neighbours Active Living Centre, a non-profit organization that provides a variety of different programs for adults age 55+.

Some examples of programs offered include fitness and dance classes ranging from gentle to challenging levels of intensity and workshops ranging from tips for tax savings to discussing exotic birds found in our neighborhood.

Here, we had the pleasure of speaking with one of the members at Good Neighbors who was a part of the Elmwood Seniors Toastmasters. You could tell by the passion in his voice that this was a program he loved being a part of.

We also got a look at the more serious side of this program, and why they are so dedicated to getting seniors involved within the community. Due to social isolation, male senior citizens are among the highest rates for suicide. In order to prevent this, Good Neighbours Active Living Centre provides elderly seniors with the opportunity to stay active, connected to the community and to meet new friends.

The second organization we visited was the Winnipeg Humane Society, an organization that focuses on the protection and well-being of animals in our community. Here, we received a VIP tour of the building. It was amazing to see so many animals in a safe environment in which they could heal before finding a loving home.

During the visit we also met a dog named Edna who is currently looking for a forever home. She was happy and energetic to meet us, and we could tell that the Winnipeg Humane Society was taking good care of her until she could find a loving owner.

Lastly, we visited Graffiti Art Programming Inc., which is a non-profit community youth centre that uses hip hop, art, graffiti art and street art as a tool for community and individual growth. During our tour of their building we got a chance to view some of the artwork youth, like us, in our city created. It was amazing to see members of our community channeling their energy into something so beautiful while sharing their passion with the city.

This year’s YiP site visits were amazing. It really opened my eyes to see how many people in our community need help but, it also warmed my heart to see how many people were taking action to provide that help. It was an absolute pleasure to have the chance to visit all of these organizations that better our community in so many different ways.

Being involved in the YiP committee is an incredibly rewarding experience because you get to contribute to bettering both our community and the world.


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