Free Slurpee Day has special meaning for Winnipeggers

If you’re a Slurpee fan you’ve probably seen the sign outside your local 7-11 and been waiting in excited anticipation for today.

July 11 (or 7-11-2017, get it?) is FREE SLURPEE DAY. And of course it runs from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Each store will give away 1500 free Slurpees in special small free Slurpee cups. This year they will feature photos of people who sent in selfies of themselves drinking a Slurpee.

We deserve a pat on the back because we’ve done it again. For the 18th year in a row we’ve been crowned “Slurpee Capital of the World”.

There must be some of us who drink Slurpees like coffee morning, noon and night all year round. How else do we drink enough to beat cities with warmer climates? And who are these people who drink enough Slurpees to make up for those of us who don’t drink enough of them?

If you want to celebrate all things Slurpee and the hard work that went into us winning the title come down to the 7-11 store on Salter Street at Flora today between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. as once again representatives of 7-11 Canada will be on hand to help us celebrate.

Barbara Nepinak will be there with her Summer Bear Dance Troupe. There’ll also be lots of activities for kids with a magician, balloon animals, a stilt walker, a juggler and more. A face painter will be there painting faces and a caricaturist will be ready to draw your caricature.

It’s not just for kids either. Rockalypso band will be providing the entertainment during the event. They’re a popular Caribbean band that plays reggae, soca and calypso tunes. Their music has a tropical feel and is just plain fun and danceable.

So come on down and raise a cold icy Slurpee in celebration at this neighourhood 7-11 store or head on down to your local ‘Sev’ to get your free one.


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2 responses to “Free Slurpee Day has special meaning for Winnipeggers”

  1. Shirley Kowalchuk

    Regarding Anne’s curiosity about Winnipeg’s champion Slurpee consumption rate – perhaps this helps:

    At the start of Lisa’s day, my friend would fill up a for-purchase 7-11 “barrel” sized drink container (the kind that looks like a keg with a handle on it) with a mixture of Slurpee flavours. The container could easily hold a few regular size Slurpees.

    Coupled with a deal in which one could refill it all day long for next to nothing, she indeed drank the flavourful concoction like others drink coffee. (I believe 7-11’s “150 years of Canada” mug (barrel) is along the same idea).

    Winnipeg has always been a town that appreciates a bargain! Great article, Anne!

    Shirley Kowalchuk

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