Imagining a future with no car crashes

As a proud member of the ’70 plus’ generation, I’m no longer thinking about what my ‘next new car’ might be, and I know lots of people who feel the same way. But millions are still out there buying more and more new wheels all the time. Canadian vehicle sales jumped by 7.7% in September over the same time last year, and it looks like overall sales for the year 2017 will exceed two-million.

DesRosiers Automotive Consultants says almost 187,000 units were sold in September, with Ford re-taking the top spot from General Motors. The other manufacturers, which mostly assemble their goodies offshore, are also doing very well. Vehicle sales have long been a leading indicator of how well the overall economy is doing. By that measure we’re doing very well indeed. Monthly sales have risen for most of the past year. What a contrast to the slump that followed the market crash of 2008. Remember when GM suddenly stood for ‘Government Motors’? How soon we forget.

How long might all of this last, and how will we be moving about in the future? We’re told that the future will be a world of cars without engaged drivers. A new generation of computers and global positioning systems will safely transport us to our destination. It will probably be ‘voice activated’ .. “take me to the Jets game, and come back quickly if they’re losing”.

Will this really be possible? Imagine a world where car crashes no longer happen! What will happen to the folks who work in body shops and car insurance? Will we miss that ultimate freedom of getting behind the wheel and going where-ever we want? No doubt there will still be motor sports in a carefully controlled setting.

Tell me something, if we can do all this, why is it not possible to figure out a way to disable all the guns in the world?

Sorry, it’s Thanksgiving, and I like to daydream.

I’m Roger Currie

Roger Currie


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  1. Doug Kretchmer

    Interesting story Roger. It almost seems like the auto parts industry and the Insurance industry are very close bedfellows. Both are very thriving and profitable industries. I grew up in a time when cars had real metal bumpers, nowadays a minor bump can run you $1,000+ As a person who has been in 3 major car crashes in the last three years (with two of those being in the last two and a half months) as the result of extremely careless drivers, I write this comment confined to my hospital bed seriously contemplating if I ever want to drive again. As well as pretty major injuries, I have also experienced PTSD and depression (the emotional, unseen scars that may linger on long after the crash, not to mention dealing with very tight-fisted insurance companies). By the way, after the accident on the highway in July of 2014, I myself wrote a story for CNC entitled “Lucky to be Alive” with the hope that perhaps people may take better care and caution n their driving habits. It can be pretty scary out there. You can read that story here:

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