Armed robbery suspects arrested in North End

Police cordoned off area after surrounding house with armed robbery suspects inside. /PHOTO: Doug Kretchmer

A house near Parr St. on Redwood Ave. was the scene of an arrest of three armed robbery suspects Wednesday around 5:30 p.m. The Winnipeg Police Service Tactical Support team was brought in along with about six cruiser cars.

The street was cordoned off and residents who came out of their houses were told to go back inside.

A bull horn was used to alert the occupants of the house to “come out with your hands up!”

A short time later three people exited the house one at a time where they were told to walk backwards towards the street. They were placed under arrest.

Video of the first arrest can be seen here:

The second person to come out is also arrested. /PHOTO: Doug Kretchmer

The third of three occupants of the house is placed under arrest. /PHOTO: Doug Kretchmer

Police watch third suspect while tactical team enters house. /PHOTO: Doug Kretchmer

Two males and one woman were taken away in cruiser cars.

The police made another announcement to come out of the house before they entered the house.

Police enter the house to search. /PHOTO: Doug Kretchmer

The Winnipeg Police Service Tactical Support Team surrounds house. /PHOTO: Doug Kretchmer

No other suspects or occupants were seen leaving from the front. The whole incident was over in about an hour.

All photos and video by Doug Kretchmer

Doug Kretchmer


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