Payette warns against taking road to nowhere

As each day passes, more and more North Americans are getting their news from platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but there’s some evidence that a growing number of people simply don’t believe the stories they’re hearing or reading.

A recent survey of a thousand folks across the U.S, found that no more than a third of the respondents trust what comes to them via Twitter, and the same was basically true for those who live on Facebook.

Scoring much higher for credibility and trust at this point are traditional media like the Wall Street Journal and the dear old New York Times.

No doubt it doesn’t help that Americans have a President who lives on Twitter 24/7, and tells whoever is prepared to listen that much of what is published or posted by the Times is nothing but Fake News. How on earth did we get to this depressing spot in the road to nowhere?

Science has taken quite a beating in all of this, and into the fray comes Canada’s new Governor General. Julie Payette was trained as a high profile computer engineer before she became an astronaut. She is fighting back, particularly against the climate change naysayers.

She spoke this week at the annual Canadian Science Policy Convention in Ottawa, urging her colleagues to fight back against everything from climate science, to health and medicine. The Queen’s representative said there are still far too many in medicine who believe it’s OK to give sugar pills to cancer patients to make them feel better.

Madame Payette said a learned society is better for all of us, and bogus scientific claims and genuine ‘fake news’ must be challenged. Wow!

It kinda makes you wonder if she might be tempted to rewrite the Speech From the Throne before reading it the next time there’s a new session of Parliament. It could be great fun if the Donald ever pays a visit to Ottawa.

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