1. What Is Community News Commons (CNC)?
    Community News Commons is a grass roots public media project that trains and engages citizen journalists to share local news and information and to tell inspiring stories about their neighbourhoods. The website – www.cncwpg.org — is essentially an online media hub authored by and for the Winnipeg community. We call it, “News by you” and it provides the opportunity for anyone in Winnipeg, or elsewhere in Manitoba, to create and disseminate multi-platform, multi-genre media encompassing a wide range of subjects and ideas; it’s hyper-local, inclusive and interactive.
  2. Who Is It For?
    CNC is for everyone. Anyone can get involved by contributing content through print, video, audio, photography or simply by consuming the information on the site. It’s really for anyone who is interested in making Winnipeg and Manitoba a better place, where more local information and neighbourhood stories are shared, debated and celebrated.
  3. How Can I Get Involved?
    You can go to www.cncwpg.org and sign up to become a citizen journalist. From there, you can register for training in a specific area, like print reporting, photojournalism, videography and other kinds of media creation. All of our training workshops are free but registration is required.
  4. But What If I’m Not a Journalist or Even a Techie?
    No worries. CNC provides regular training and editorial mentorship in many areas of journalism and modern communication technology. We help you become a better storyteller and maintain a regular editorial relationship with you and with all citizen reporters contributing media to the CNC site. It’s all in an effort to build capacity in our community and to help you tell your stories creatively and effectively.
  5. Why Is The Winnipeg Foundation Involved In CNC?
    The Winnipeg Foundation believes a more informed and engaged community is a more caring and giving community. Through this citizen journalism initiative, people create and share meaningful ideas and issues, with the goal that we will all become more understanding and generous in our lives. Primary project partners are The Winnipeg Free Press and the Free Press Cafe, Red River College and Winnipeg Public Library.
  6. What Does This Mean For Winnipeg?
    Modern communication technology enables us to share information faster and easier than ever before. Most of us do this ‘media sharing’ already via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social networks. CNC encourages us to come together by creating and sharing local stories and neighbourhood information in a public commons, unique to Winnipeg and to Manitoba. This also puts Winnipeg on the map when it comes to the growing advent of public media projects all over the world; CNC is the first project of its kind in Canada to receive a major grant from the U.S.-based Knight Foundation.
  7. What If I Am Under 18?
    We’ve already received a lot of interest from staff and students at Manitoba schools. We know there is a tremendous amount of interesting, creative media being generated all the time by students of all ages. CNC is a website where the world can see the media they are creating. We provide professional development for teachers and workshops for individual classrooms. All of the training and workshops are free. If a participant is under 18, they require a parent or guardian to sign a release form provided by CNC giving you permission to contribute content to Community News Commons.
  8. How Will You Prevent Abuse?
    CNC’s website is responsible, respectful and civil. There is no anonymity on the site; so to participate as a citizen journalist, you have to sign up and agree to Terms of Use which are based on fairness, accuracy and accountability. CNC is not a place to settle scores or to engage in abusive conduct. It is a site of creative and engaging journalism reflective of the many faces and stories of our neighbourhoods. And that doesn’t limit content to so called ‘good news,’ but all the news we talk about, debate, discuss and celebrate in our communities.
  9. How Will CNC Be Different From Other Media?
    CNC is co-operative, not competitive. CNC is designed and authored by a robust group of citizen journalists and by the community at large. It is an open source journalism model, not meant to compete with any other media or on-line information source, but to operate in complementary ways. This means we intend to partner with many, many media outlets, writers, bloggers, photographers, videographers, storytellers, students, seniors, community members, etc., in co-operative, reciprocal ways, by sharing content, and by linking back to websites of the organizations and communities from where citizen journalists are telling their stories.Any citizen journalist who contributes content to CNC is the owner of the copyright on that content. It will be up to each citizen journalist contributing content to CNC to decide how they want their material licensed, choosing from Creative Commons copyright licensing arrangements; (which is primarily a choice between not allowing any further commercial use of the content) or by allowing another commercial entity to run the content in its entirety and with attribution (meaning you are credited with having provided that content). So it is up to each citizen journalist to decide how their submissions may or may not be used by another source. If one chooses to let their content be used elsewhere, the content must be reused in its entirety and attributed correctly to the creator of the work.
  10. What Has Been The Response So Far?
    The response to a hyper local community news initiative has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone we are talking to about the project think it’s a great idea and there are many people who want to participate. It appeals to just about every segment of our population because we all have stories to tell about our communities and the people that make up our neighbourhoods. If you’re interested, you can sign up at www.cncwpg.org.