In advance of Artbeat Studio’s 24-Hour Art-a-thon Feb 6 to 7, CNC profiles the artists participating in this event that is raising funds for Artbeat Studio, an organization supporting artists with mental illness.

The productionalist method by Rebecca Henderson: Victoria Stone is one of several Artbeat alumni artists who will be participating in this week’s 24-Hour Art-a-thon. For Stone, creating sculptures is an emotional and passionate experience.

A place to go by Rebecca Henderson: For artists coping with mental health issues, Artbeat Studio is a sanctuary where one can thrive in a supportive environment. Marcus Bauer is one of several artist alumni who will be participating in Artbeat’s 24-Hour Art-a-thon this week.

M?ori artist makes Winnipeg home by Rebecca Henderson: When New Zealander, Hai Romana came to Winnipeg ten years ago, a twist of fate and some caring individuals enabled him to live here for good, which has many community members happy that he stayed.

All the colours  by Rebecca Henderson: Growing up in a home where alcoholism was prevalent and where she was often ridiculed, Kathleen Crosby turned to art. “I went to a place where I wasn’t worried about things that were too hard to think about,” she says.

Making the right choice by Rebecca Henderson: When anxiety prevented Laurie Green from getting a job as a social worker, the single mom turned to art. With the help of Artbeat Studio, she’s become a popular artist who is enjoying some critical success.

Art is therapy for local artist by Rebecca Henderson: Julian Kirchmann is one of seven Artbeat Studio alumni participating in the 24-Hour Art-a-thon, an event to raise money for Artbeat Studio, an organization that supports artists living with mental illness.