A transformative visionary, a caring Canadian

By Stacy Cardigan Smith on August 14, 2013

Stella Blackbird is not only a visionary; she also has the rare ability to make her visions a reality. After devoting her life to the service of others, Blackbird was recognized with a Caring Canadian Award.


Impressive accomplishments, and a lifetime still to go

By Stacy Cardigan Smith on August 7, 2013

While most university students are thinking about whether they can afford a beer, Erin Ward was figuring out how she could give back to her community.


Giving kids the opportunities they deserve

By Stacy Cardigan Smith on July 30, 2013

Long referred to as an “advocate of humanity” and “father to thousands,” Strini Reddy can now add Caring Canadian Award winner to his list of accolades.


Never saying no, for all the right reasons

By Stacy Cardigan Smith on July 24, 2013

A Caring Canadian: Sister Lesley Sacouman does so much good, the word no just doesn’t seem to fit.


A lifetime of “caring” it forward

By Stacy Cardigan Smith on June 29, 2013

Ever since an anonymous donor helped him attend university, Raymond Currie has spent his life helping others; now he’s been recognized by the Governor General as a Caring Canadian.