These are a series of dispatches from David G. Newman, who attended the recent Rotary World Peace Conference 2016 in Ontario, California. The stories are inspired by the organizers and presenters to this peace conference and are posted by Mr. Newman on CNC as part of the process of advancing Positive Peace in Winnipeg. 

Canadian Museum for Human Rights was the venue for Winnipeg's National Summit for Racial Inclusion. PHOTO: Sangeetha NairWinnipeg positioned to inspire Positive Peace worldwide

By David G. Newman on February 4, 2016

City seen as leading example of how to build a peace community.

mission-imgTaking it upon himself to ‘just do it’

By David G. Newman on February 5, 2016

Man spends life saving victims of child exploitation and human trafficking, believing one person with courage is all it takes.

The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17Measuring peace

By David G. Newman on February 8, 2016

World Peace Index to be adopted in Zimbabwe; local Peace Partners aim to see index measure Winnipeg as a Positive Peace Community.

display_image_aspx (2)“I realized my father was a murderer”

By David G. Newman on February 10, 2016

Son of high ranking Nazi officer encourages people to speak up against hatred by being vigilant in standing up to perpetrators.

CKheAhVW8AAipLk.jpg_largeCreating conditions for peace to flourish

By David G. Newman on February 16, 2016

Peace Corps has 7000 volunteers operating in 60 countries.



Peace in Canada rests on reconciliation

By David G. Newman on February 18, 2016

Time for the process of mutual respect and reconciliation to begin in earnest.


CMHR_and_Winnipeg_Downtown (2)Ground zero for peace on earth

By David G. Newman on February 23, 2016

American philanthropist calls Winnipeg “the mecca for human rights on the planet.”


winton-daughter_2917246c cropFinding a way to save hundreds of children

By David G. Newman on March 2, 2016
“If something is not impossible, there must be a way of doing it.”


s300_world_peaceWaging peace

By David G. Newman on March 9, 2016

Much more than the absence of war, Positive Peace is created by addressing the underlying causes of conflict.