Is voting in Canadian elections a threat to indigenous sovereignty?

By Riley Chervinski on September 30, 2015
Aboriginal and youth interest in the election is critical for candidates looking for an edge in a tight three way race.

Youth vote for jobs, housing, brighter future

By Ligia Braidotti on September 28, 2015
Candidates are promising to fix some of the issues young people are facing in Canada, but are they convincing?



To vote or not to vote

By Erin DeBooy on September 25, 2015
With three federal parties neck-in-neck in a race for power, Canada’s indigenous community is still debating on whether or not they should vote.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA E is for election, and for environment

By Bailey Hildebrand on September 24, 2015
While Liberals and New Democrats look for voters concerned about the enquietvironment, the Conservatives are mostly about it.


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Retirement savings key issue for older voters

By Samantha Samson on September 22, 2015
Parties fight over how best to help Canadians save for retirement.


Voters want NDP-Liberal coalition if Conservatives win majority

By Scott Billeck on September 22, 2015
NDP willing to discuss coalition with Liberals but Justin Trudeau has rejected the idea.


IMG_0029 (1280x853)Election campaign pays little attention to issues affecting Indigenous people

By Brittany Hobson on September 21, 2015
Some Manitoba voters are rallying for a change in government that will support First Nations rights.

Darius Maharaj-Hunter answers emails at Fools & Horses after a full day at work for the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba on Monday, Sept. 14. RED RIVER COLLEGE/Danielle Doiron

Campaign promises ring hollow for voters focussed on ‘everyday issues’

By Danielle Doiron on September 18, 2015
With the election campaign in full swing, some Canadians are annoyed that certain key issues are not being debated.

elections-canada-360x200Leaders debate fiscal issues as campaign costs soar

By Evan Matthews on September 17, 2015
While federal parties fight over who is best at managing the economy, taxpayers will foot the bill for the most expensive election in Canadian history.

Zach Oulton is keeping himself informed for this election by reading the paper while he waits for the bus on Colony Street./ JASON DUECKGetting the youth vote out

By Jason Dueck on September 16, 2015
Young Canadians are proving the most difficult group in the country to get into the voting booth.