Screenshot 2016-02-04 16.37.53 (2)Is it medicine, or is it all in your mind?

By Samantha Samson on January 22, 2016
Video series, Meta Medicine, documents the challenges, issues and growth of Winnipeg’s thriving alternative healing community.


Meta Medicine 1 (2)Episode 1 – The prairie healing hub

By Samantha Samson on January 29, 2016
Winnipeg marks the spot for alternative therapies.


Episode 2 screen shot 1 (2)Episode 2 – Healing in a digital world

By Samantha Samson on February 5, 2016
Alternative therapies have gone from word of mouth to webpage.


Screen shot 2016-02-11 at 9.33.17 PMEpisode 3 – Good vibrations

By Samantha Samson on February 12, 2016
While people in Winnipeg pay to receive energy healing, practitioners haven’t been able to convince doctors to accept this unconventional therapy as a complement to medicine.


screen shot money in bowlEpisode 4 – The challenge of making alternative healthcare affordable

By Samantha Samson on February 19, 2016
Regulated alternative therapies complementary to medical treatments are not covered by Manitoba Health.


Screen-Shot-2016-02-22-at-1.12.09-PM (800x451)Episode 5 – Holistic in hospitals

By Samantha Samson on February 26, 2016
Winnipeg health facilities incorporate alternative healing practices into their programming.


feature image final part cropEpisode 6 – Healing the stigma

By Samantha Samson on March 4, 2016
While some may question their techniques, young Winnipeggers practice alternative therapies – in science, business and spirituality.