Gregory McNeill produced this series of articles for CNC, showcasing participants and volunteers of Actif Epica, the 130 km run/bike ultra-marathon from St.Malo, Manitoba to The Forks in Winnipeg to be held on February 15, 2014.

Winter run/bike marathon intense, dangerous and fun by Gregory McNeill

Endurance athletes competing in the 130 km ultra marathon in the middle of February have been advised to be prepared for an extremely difficult race and to realize what they’re getting into.

Competitors prep for gruelling winter race by Gregory McNeill

With less than three weeks to go until race day, cyclists and runners get together to test equipment, check the course and swap prep stories on how to conquer this mid-winter ultra-marathon.

Runners, cyclists get ready for winter ultra-marathon by Gregory McNeill

Preparing to run or cycle the Actif Epica 130 km race in mid-February, athletes check the course and prepare themselves for one of the toughest races they will ever compete in.