In this series, Stephen Burns looks at the issue of sexual orientation in sports, by profiling several gay athletes and examining their journey through the world of sports.

Mike Sirant Manitoba Hockey News crop

Coaches inspire respect

By Stephen Burns on May 13, 2015
Coaches create respectful locker rooms where LGBT athletes are welcome and supported.


1024px-Michael_Sam_final_Mizzou_home_gameHomophobic attitude and language ingrained in culture of sport

By Stephen Burns on March 30, 2015
Part 8 in a series examining homophobia in sports asks straight athletes what it will take to change long standing discrimination.

023Fullback finds friends and ‘family’ on female football team

By Stephen Burns on March 16, 2015
Lesbian football player believes education and awareness are the best ways to end homophobia in sports.


Roller derby romance lets couple be themselves

By Stephen Burns on March 1, 2015

Most derby girls are not lesbians, but those who are, think efforts to combat homophobia need to start at an early age.

Dylan Wall 1 (yellow shirt #5)

Gay athlete fears coming out, eventually leaves college’s homophobic environment

By Stephen Burns on February 24, 2015
Talented athlete and coach struggles with decision to announce his sexual orientation in a sports world filled with discrimination.

Len Loewen3 (1024x683)Len Loewen: refusing to be sidelined

By Stephen Burns on February 10, 2015

Never facing any serious homophobia in the locker room, he’s been accepted by his teammates as fewer and fewer people have issues with him being gay.

Alan Moore 2

Alan Moore: creating a welcoming community

By Stephen Burns on February 3, 2015
If homophobia in sports is going to decline, it has to start from the top. Professional athletes and coaches need to instill a more accepting attitude in the young players who look up to them.

Dimitri%20Bondarenko%20Skiing cropDmitri Bondarenko: the culture of coming out

By Stephen Burns on January 27, 2015
Growing up in Russia surrounded by homophobia, gay athlete finds a more tolerant and accepting sports community in Winnipeg.


Mike Law 6LGBT athletes gaining ground

By Stephen Burns on January 20, 2015
“I used to think sports was a social anchor for the gay movement but now it’s becoming a powerful tool. Homosexuality used to be stigmatized, but now homophobia is what’s becoming stigmatized.”