Profound learning for young philanthropists

By Sahej Gill, Ebony Repeta and Julianna Chubenko on June 30, 2016
Mennonite Bretheren Collegiate Institute students discover local agencies helping youth impacted by trauma.

Youth helping youth

By Blake Ilchyna on June 10, 2016
After their community faced significant challenges regarding mental illness. young philanthropists aim to help other youth avoid similar challenges.


Youth impressed by citizens dedicated to serving others

By Parsa Mansouri on May 24, 2016
St. John’s-Ravenscourt YiP committee members inspired to give back to their community.


Youth excited about giving

By Tiffany Fernando on May 18, 2016
St. Mary’s Academy young philanthropists celebrate another busy, successful year helping several local charities.


Philanthropy inspires students

By Karla Raddysh on May 12, 2016
Shaftesbury High School’s Youth in Philanthropy Committee helps students be engaged, active community members.


Young philanthropists get behind-the-scenes look at local charities

By VMC YiP on May 6, 2016
Inspiring to see how people dedicate their lives to help better the circumstances of others.


Serving up soup and smiles

By Murdoch MacKay on May 4, 2016
Hosting Murdoch MacKay student volunteers re-ignites Oak Table staff’s faith in the coming generation.

A passion for change

By Kira Wardrop on May 2, 2016
Young philanthropists impressed with community health worker’s passion towards betterment of society.


St. James students step up

By Jannie Manabat on April 25, 2016
Youth in Philanthropy provides many opportunities for young people to give back to community.


Inner city youth have their say

By Courtney Gossfeld on April 23, 2016
Youth in Philanthropy at Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre enables students from inner city schools to learn about helping out in their community.


Discovering the power of good

By Spencer Katerynuk on April 19, 2016
Young philanthropists from St. Paul’s High School inspired by change-makers who give back to community.


Proud to be YiPpers

By Rosie Deng & Amy Song on April 18, 2016
Members of Balmoral Hall’s Youth in Philanthropy team come together to make a difference in their community.

Youth discover benefits of charitable community work

By Michelle Jang on April 15, 2016
Westwood Collegiate Youth in Philanthropy students make grants to arts groups, volunteer to help kids.

Youth council impressed at generosity inspired by agency

By Robyn Peters on April 14, 2016
Young philanthropists discover how Christmas Cheer Board motivates volunteers and donors to help improve the lives of so many people in Winnipeg.

A journey that will never be forgotten

By Mary Joy Santos on April 13, 2016
Young philanthropists at St. John’s High School learn the value of giving back to community.


Helping families inspires young philanthropists

By Qaalitt Boru on April 7, 2016
Dedication of staff at Wolseley Family Place impresses IRCOM’s visiting YiP Committee.

Kelvin High School’s YiP Group impressed by WASAC

By Abby Clarke on March 16, 2016
Site visit to Winnipeg Aboriginal Sport Achievement Centre leaves lasting impression on Youth in Philanthropy participants.